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My long-term mission is to support the development of 1 million leaders.

I have over 16 years of experience in digital products and services in the fields of #marketing, #strategy, and #leadership. During that time, I built marketing at (from 100k to 1 million customers), created a lean strategy agency Project: People (over 180 clients from 18 countries in 5 years), and cooperated with global brands such as Sabre or Google for Developers.

I played the role of a co-owner and/or executive in Project: People, Project: Values,, and Hermes & Partner cooperatives. I build progressive organizations and instill an extensive feedback culture, #lean and #Agile methodologies, as well as #diversity & #inclusion principles.

I was featured as a female leader in Strong Women in IT 2019 report, Strong Women in IT 2021 – Global Edition, Best of HR by HR Business Partner Magazine.

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I conduct mentorships for young leaders. My mentees include Aga Pałka from GetDressed and Magdalena Błyskosz from Open Coffee HighSchool, and NGOs (e.g., Alegoria Foundation). As a guest lecturer, I teach #leadership, #strategy, #businessmodels, and #marketing at Tischner European University in Kraków and WSB University in Gdańsk.

I co-organized the conferences, meetups, and workshops for many organizations supporting the development of Tech and female communities in Poland a.i. Inspired by Astia, Product Development Days, Google Developers Group, Power Up Your Team, ACE Conference. I also shared my knowledge and experience as a mentor in acceleration programs (like EIT Digital, Google LaunchPad).

People who work with me emphasize my ease in creating models, frameworks, and business processes. I am the author of Values Poker, Lean Marketing Sprint, and UVP Comms Canvas, to name a few. I enjoy sharing knowledge at conferences and workshops such as Lean Startup Days Paris, VC Night by Viva Technology, or Open Living Lab.

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I am the author of the essay that was published in The LiGHT Book (among authors like Cialdini, Zimbardo). My articles were featured at polish and international media (business, industry, and mass) a.i. Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita / Infor, Focus, Brief,, Marketer+, E-commerce & Digital Marketing, NowyMarketing, etc.

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My Gallup talents are Strategy, Focus, Achiever, Learner & Significance. As a mom, I focus on building things (organizations, teams, products) that will significantly improve the future world for my sons, Ryszard and Stanislaw.

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