Would you like to hire me? Read it first.

For a couple of last years, I was headhunted for top management positions a couple of times, and (unfortunately) I know the process well 馃槈 And do not agree to take part in any unconscious tests that are done without my direct, written permission.

I believe such recruitment processes, where you check the skills of the person who does not agree to take part in them, are unethical. What’s more, if I recognize such activities – I will deny the offer. As I did to offers that came from the biggest World Tech companies in the past, which tested me without my permission.

And no: no money & position won’t recompense it!

Would you like to hire me?

My profile looks outstanding to you, but aren’t you sure if it truly reflects my skills? Let’s talk!

I can provide all of the needed materials and information, I can prove my experience, and show how I’m working and what value I bring to the table.

Here you can find my profile and all needed information >>

If you didn’t find anything you need – please let me know, and I will provide you with the additional information.

I believe that within an adult, partner relationship, during a process of discussion about a role, you do not need to promise me anything. We can discuss it in a partner mode: if I meet your requirements, and if your company values are matching mine. If you won’t decide to offer me a role – no hard feelings. If I won’t decide to join your project because of the mismatch – I will transparently discuss it with you.

I’m open to cooperating with ethical companies, that value transparency, and honesty. If your recruitment process requires unconscious tests for the top management positions – I believe we won’t find a common ground, as IMO it’s the opposite mindset.