My talks

I’m a female speaker interested in topics around HR and leadership. I enjoy sharing knowledge at Polish and international conferences and workshops such as Lean Startup Days Paris, VC Night by Viva Technology, or Open Living Lab.

Are you looking for a (female) speaker specializing in #leadership, #management, #HR?
Would you like to invite me to give a talk at the conference? Let’s talk!



  • 2022-04 – 4developers Conference: ‘New leader on the block’
  • 2022-06 – HR Master Conference: panel discussion ‘The future work models’
  • 2022-06 – Modern HR Conference (PL ‘Konferencja Nowoczesnego HRu’): ‘Building the trust culture – how to build the unfair advantage of the organization in the VUCA time’
  • 2022-06 – ‘Designing products in the cyber world’ Conference (organized by Warsaw Stock Exchange, The GPW Group, and The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland): the panel discussion ‘Designing cyber products and services based on the current user needs’ (PL)
  • 2022-10 – Beyond Code Conference: ‘How our drive to become superHUMAN destroys relationships? Are diversity and inclusion a solution?’
  • 2022-10 – Startup Shot Ecommerce Szczecin Webinar: ‘Is e-commerce ethical?’
  • 2022-11 – Crash Mondays Meetup: ‘Let’s reverse the Employer Branding’


  • 2021-04 – ClubHouse HRHints: ‘HR in startups’ on the future of the workplace
  • 2021-04 – ‘Be a leader‘ webinar (PL Liderem być): ‘Future of the management
  • 2021-05 – Webinar ‘Come back to the office. How and when? Cyber transformation of a workplace’ (PL ‘Powrót do biura. Czy jak, kiedy? Cyfrowa transformacja miejsca pracy.’)
  • 2021-06 – ‘Let’s talk about IT’ Podcast (PL „Porozmawiajmy o IT”) by Krzysztof Kempiński: ‘Cyber products as a way to earn on know how’ (PL ‘Produkty cyfrowe jako sposób zarabiania na wiedzy’)
  • 2021-06 – Lead IT, Lady! panel discussion: ‘How to build the organizational culture that supports female leadership’ (PL Jak budować kulturę organizacyjną sprzyjającą leadershipowi kobiet?’)


  • 2020-01 – Creative Sparks Podcast: ‘About own agency planning, fast growth and gaining new clients efficiently’ (PL ‘O planowaniu własnej agencji, szybkim wzroście oraz skutecznym zdobywaniu klientów’) Odc 1, Odc 2
  • 2020-05 – ‘Be a leader’ (PL Liderem Być)


  • 2019-04 – PAIH Conference:‘Lean go to market strategies’ (PL ‘Strategie lean wchodzenia na nowy rynek’)
  • 2019-05 – VC Night by Viva Technology Meetup: ‘Taboo topics & HealthTech’
  • 2019-08 – Women in Technology Meetup: ‘Eiffle tower: the story of Project: People & France’
  • 2019-09 – French Tech Cracovie – Welcome Event: The French Touch of Krakow startup ecosystem discussion panel
  • 2019-11 – Krakow Enterprise Mondays Meetup: ‘I had a dream’
  • 2019-12 – Product Marketing Summit London Conference: ‘Lean Marketing: How to create the marketing production line’
  • 2019-12 – ‘From the leaders’ workshop’ podcast (PL Z warsztatu Lidera): ‘Lean team management – Lean Leader’ (PL ‘Zwinne zarządzanie zespołem, czyli Lean Leader.’)


  • 2018-02 – Lean Startup Day Paris Conference:
    – Panel discussion: Lean Startup with Sales and Marketing
    – Talk: Marketing Sprint: create and deliver a marketing campaign in a week
  • 2018-10 – Blockchain Alliance Cracow Meetup: ‘ICO is #4@!d*’ (together with Wiktor Żołnowski, Pragmatic Coders)
  • 2018-10 – Product Development Days Conference: ‘Unique Value Proposition in marketing communication
  • 2018-10 – Startups’ mentoring at Google Launchpad Build – ‘Product’ – Cracow edition


  • 2017-12 – SeeU Master at Cracow University of Economics: ‘Lean entrepreneurship
  • 2017-11 – Product Development Days Conference: ‘Lean Marketing – how to build a successful marketing campaign in a week’
  • 2017-10 – Outsource People Kiew Conference: ‘3 case studies of successful Lean Marketing Campaigns for IT companies’
  • 2017-08 – Open Living Lab Days 2017 Conference ‘New Profession and education trends in societal and open innovation’
  • 2017-07 – The Tischner University: ‘Lean Marketing’ workshop.