Workshop: Lean & Evidence-Based Leadership

Catching the balance between the people and data focus, as well as between mission, vision, and values-based leadership, and organizational goals & KPIs – it’s the crucial leaders’ challenge these days. Add the dynamically changing business environment: a recession, the climate crisis, the great resignation, a war, etc.

Acting based on the connected lean and evidence-based leadership could be a solution! In such an approach, the team participates in the management, and a leader makes the decisions based on the most current data (a.i. tests & experiments, research) and collective intelligence.


Module 1: Lean & Evidence-Based Leadership – Introduction

  • How to catch a balance between the people and data focus?
  • The decision-making process: an intuition & experience vs data, tests & experiments.
  • Sources of data for the decision-making process (fast & slow).
  • Participation of team members and a team as a collectivity in making business decisions.

Module 2: Values in Evidence-Based Leadership

  • How to facilitate a process of values development?
  • How to connect team values with the team’s goals, responsibilities, and roles?
  • The connection between team values, measurable results & business value – tools & processes.
  • How to make values, vision, and mission visible and live in daily operations – tools & processes.

Module 3: Building the openness, trust, and authenticity culture

  • How to build trust on a personal and team level? Tools & processes.
  • A mindset of the leader vs a mindset of a team. Models and tools.
  • How to facilitate a group process to support a culture of openness?
  • A level of trust in the team vs data & information transparency in an organization.

Module 4: Transparency and decision-making process – team participation

  • Models of transparency – pros and cons, possible risks, tools, and processes.
  • How to set up transparency frames?
  • How to facilitate a decision-making process in a team?
  • How to engage a team in a decision-making process and avoid chaos?
  • How to work on a roadmap, goals, and a strategy with team members? Tools and scenarios.
  • How do a leader’s mindset and behaviors influence a plan’s implementation??

The Polish version of the agenda


The workshop includes 4 modules, 24 hours in total:

  • 3 days per 8 hours (online or offline)
  • 4 days per 6 hours (online or offline)
  • 6 days per 4 hours (online only)

We can discuss the time & the price of the workshop together with the adjustment in the scope.

Who should attend

The workshop is dedicated to the following:

  • leaders of small and middle-size teams
  • middle-level management
  • startups and MSP companies owners
  • Project & Product managers
  • team, project, and product coordinators


  • 18 000 PLN net (+23% VAT) for 24 hours long workshop for max 14 people
  • The price includes: a needs analysis, workshop agenda adjustment to the organization’s needs, digital workshop materials (slides deck, Miro board, case studies, etc.), 2 hours of consultations after a workshop
  • The price does not include: catering, a conference room, trainer travel & hotel costs (if the workshop is located outside Cracow, Poland)

Beata Mosór

Lean & Evidence-Based Leadership ❤️ Ex-founder Project: People & Project: Values

My long-term mission is to support the development of 1 million leaders.

I have over 15 years of experience in digital products and services in the fields of #marketing, #strategy, and #leadership. During that time, I built marketing at (from 100k to 1 million customers), created a lean strategy agency Project: People (over 180 clients from 18 countries in 5 years), and cooperated with global brands such as Sabre or Google for Developers.

I played the role of a co-owner and/or executive in Project: People, Project: Values,, and Hermes & Partner cooperatives. I build progressive organizations and instill an extensive feedback culture, #lean and #Agile methodologies, as well as #diversity & #inclusion principles. As a guest lecturer, I teach #leadership, #strategy, #businessmodels, and #marketing at Tischner European University in Kraków and WSB University in Gdańsk.

People who work with me emphasize my ease in creating models, frameworks, and business processes. I am the author of Values Poker, Lean Marketing Sprint, and UVP Comms Canvas, to name a few. I enjoy sharing knowledge at conferences and workshops such as Lean Startup Days Paris, VC Night by Viva Technology, or Open Living Lab. I am the author of the essay that was published in The LiGHT Book (among authors like Cialdini, Zimbardo).

My Gallup talents are Strategy, Focus, Achiever, Learner & Significance. As a mom, I focus on building things (organizations, teams, products) that will significantly improve the future world for my sons, Ryszard and Stanislaw.